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Eaco FM has been built from the ground up specifically for the Facility Management Industry. This software platform intuitively understands the complexities and challenges of the Facility Management Industry. However, Eaco does a fantastic job at taking the Complex and making it Simple and Intuitive. Our aim is to provide a central platform where all the stakeholders involved in your FM Organisation can collaborate to achieve your objectives in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Contract Management

Every client can be set up on Eaco’s Facility Management Software to match the exact agreement you have with them. Once set up, our system will manage the terms of the agreement, including:

  • Electronic job data capture
  • Attendance priorities
  • Programmed works
  • Reactive works
  • Multiple properties
  • Work authority limits (for example limit before quote required)
  • Workflow requirements
  • Site inductions and hazard identification
  • Site contacts, including full contact details
  • Job Completion requirements
  • Pricing schema - how you charge
  • Custom variables - e.g. their codes
  • Reporting

Contractor Management

  • Create your own custom Network of Contractors
  • Add & Invite Contractors into your Network
  • Online Training Module
  • Online Induction Module
  • View & Manage Contract Contact Details
  • Profile Contractors for what they do and where
  • Manage Compliances for each Contractor
  • Allocate Work to Contractors
  • Integrated Quoting, Work Order & Invoice Management

Compliance Management

  • Set your Specific Compliance Management Standards
  • Invite Contractors, Suppliers and Employees to upload their Compliance Documents including Licences and Insurances
  • View and verify the Compliance Documents
  • Only Contractors with Verified Documents can access work through the Eaco FM System.

Multi-Property Management

Multiple Properties are a Breeze.

  • Our Facility Management Software has a managed property module that allows you to track work across multiple sites.
  • You can even set up a programmed maintenance schedule per property that will automatically create a new work order and track the client GL codes and asset codes.

Work Order Capture & Allocation

Our Facility Management System ensures that information is only ever written once - always by the person who owns it!

  • This means that job instructions that are produced by your client, or on behalf of your client (e.g. by phone) are captured in our system however they are created (email, fax, widget or carrier pigeon).
  • There is never duplicate data entry.
  • Additionally, administrators, workers, contractors or clients who add information to the job as it progresses are the ones entering the information.
  • Field Workers get all the information they need on a job in the palm of their hand. And they reply with all of the information you need from the palm of their hand ... all in real time.

Document Management

To help you capture all available job information. Eaco FM offers unlimited upload of photos, videos and files. There is no excuse for not having all the relevant information attached to the Eaco job card. Documents that you can upload and manage using Eaco include:

  • Quotes/Invoices - Line item types allow tallying of labour, material, call out costs, etc.
  • Comments - Different sharing access allows private comment as well as comments shared with the field worker/supplier/customer
  • Work Logs - Enable you to see who did the work and when
  • Files - Attach any files, photos or links that are related to the job
  • Work orders - See any work orders that have been created for a job
  • Completion Certificates- See certificates uploaded by the field worker and manage their approval

Field Worker Management

Give your Field Workers all of the mobile tools and information that they could possibly want to get things done fast, efficiently and effectively. Including:

  • Job Details, Notes, Documents and Post Job Reports
  • Field Worker Communications
  • In Field Alerts
  • In Field Features such as capturing Customers signatures for sign-off.
  • Job site navigation with Maps to help find the site of each job.
  • Quoting & Invoicing Tools.

Scheduling & Managing Workload

Eaco lets you see everyone’s allocated work on your ‘people board’. You can use the drag-and-drop function to re-allocate work between your people. If you re-allocate work, Eaco does all of the behinds the scene work to update everyone involved. Eaco even has an activity stream that shows you what is going on. If someone is under the pump and someone else has the skills and the availability, simply drop the job on them and Eaco will take care of the rest.

Activity Streams, Communications & Real Time Confirmations

You and your team can see live Activity Streams across and business and in relation to each individual Job/Work Order. Also, the system sends real time communications and confirmations when:

  • A field worker acknowledges and accepts a new Job, or
  • Logs on to site
  • Logs off site
  • Completes a Job Start or question sheet
  • Uploads a photo or video
  • Makes a note
  • Uploads a completion certificate
  • Submits a quote or invoice
  • Etc …

Client Invoicing

Automate your Client invoicing, in line with your Business Rules & Processes.

For Example:

  • Field Workers log time & materials on the job from the field. Eaco lifts the detail from the time log and creates an invoice for your client at the rates specified in the contract.
  • Sub-contractors submit their invoices to your Business on Eaco, in a specified format. Eaco takes an approved supplier invoice (buy invoice - Accounts Payable) and converts it to a client invoice (sell invoice -Accounts Receivable ) based on the rates specified in the contract.
  • Clients of your Facility Management Company can approve your invoice on the System. Once approved the System will forward the approved invoice to their Accounts Payable, completed with their General Ledger Codes and Watermark signature

These activities can be integrated directly into your Accounting System

Full Report Suite

Eaco FM Software has an extensive Reporting Suite for Operational and Strategic Reports. All Reporting is dynamic and based on the fields captured in the database, this means that creating Custom Reports is as simple as:

  1. Selecting the filter that you want to report on
  2. Entering the dates the report is to cover
  3. Entering the fields in the report
  4. Running Report

Report formats can then be saved and used on demand.


Eaco’s Online Facility Management Software is easily integrated to:

  • Capture Work Orders from Emails and Other Software
  • SMS Work Orders to your Field Workers
  • Export Financial Information into your Accounting Software


UMS Group had a dilemma. Our QEP people informed us that our outsourced Compliance Management system was no longer acceptable and that we needed to satisfy ourselves that we had control over our chain of Compliance. Fortunately, we were able to call on Compliance Central to solve the problem. Within about 2 weeks, we have invited all our contractors and subcontractors to upload their Compliance Certificates. We were able to verify the certificates in an afternoon and we can now "hand-on-heart" confirm that we do not issue any work orders to people that are not meeting our high compliance requirements. We sleep well at night.
Russell Worth
Executive Manager - UMS Advantage

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